Captain America: Civil War Expectations ?>

Captain America: Civil War Expectations

The much anticipated third installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America franchise is going to bring a lot of twists to the expected confrontation between two of Marvel’s most enduring and iconic superhero characters. The Captain America: Civil War expectations revolve around the growing animosity between the two protagonists which has been very evident in earlier films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are some of what avid Captain America, Iron Man, and Avengers followers are expecting from Captain America: Civil War.

Clash of the Titans

Perhaps the greatest expectations will come from the head-to-head confrontation between Captain America and Iron Man. One is fighting for the rights of superheroes to be free from any government regulation. The other one, perhaps driven by his new-found sense of guilt from the Sokovia Age of Ultron debacle, agrees to government regulation of superheroes. One is an experimental serum-enhanced super soldier while the other relies on techno-wizardry to create electromechanical suits of armor. In past films, the animosity between the two is quite palpable starting with the Helicarrier confrontation in The Avengers and culminating in several exchanges of flying shields and plasma blasts in the Age of Ultron. Avid fans would definitely want to see how these two titans will eventually square off.

Unfortunately, your titanic Captain America: Civil War expectations might be dampened a bit because each protagonist will be beefed up with his own team of for and against regulation. Nevertheless, fans should expect a clash of epic proportions.

Lost Friend Found

In both the First Avenger and the Winter Soldier installments of Captain America, Bucky Barnes played quite a minor role even with a title role in the second film. These bosom friends ended tragically with Bucky falling to his death in the First Avenger only to be revived as the formidable opponent of Captain America in the Winter Soldier. This lost friend found theme would be quite interesting to watch how it develops in the film as Bucky Barnes reprises his role as the Winter Soldier but in the aid of Captain America.

Black Widow’s Shades of Grey

In The Avengers, Natasha Romanoff’s cover was blown with Loki’s machinations. In Iron Man II, she liaised with Tony Stark as the eye of Director Fury. In Age of Ultron, she was portrayed to be ready to leave the life of an Avenger with Bruce Banner. In The Winter Soldier, she was one of only a handful of characters who came to the aid of Captain America. It will be interesting to learn who she will support in Civil War.

A New Villain

Captain America’s nemesis in The First Avenger was the Red Skull. In The Winter Soldier, it was Bucky and of course the Hydra-controlled counter terrorism unit of S.H.I.E.L.D. particularly Crossbones. In Civil War, he will be going up against other Avengers. Of course, Hydra will still be present as Helmut Zemo and Crossbones. It will be interesting to find out how Cap will fare against Zemo.

These are just some of the many expectations the public has from the film. If anything Captain America Civil War marks the beginning of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase III program. Naturally, people would expect a continuity of the plots and story lines as they are known in all of their films.

Zootopia (2016) Review ?>

Zootopia (2016) Review

Disney has done it again with a superbly animated adventure that is suitable, and important, for the entire family to watch together. Zootopia is an astoundingly brilliant film, from the moment it begins to it’s conclusion. It may well be considered the most ambitious film of the year 2016 — animated or otherwise. Directed by Rich Moore, Byron Howard, and Jared Bush, this movie is at once a pop culture reference-laden kids’ film, a Chinatown-inspired neo-noir, and a look at US race relations via the lens of the animal kingdom. It is full of important messages regarding defying stereotypes, giving it your-all, and working with someone who may at first, seem wicked.

It centers on a modern metropolis whose inhabitants are civilized animals of several species, big and small. The world of Zootopia is one with no humans. Zootopia presents a city in which society is divided between prey and predators, both of which have set aside their biological differences in an effort to live in harmony. Therefore, all animals live together in basic tolerance. And predators have had the savagery bred-out of them, so a sheep can be near a lion and everyone is chill. This isn’t to say there is no residual prejudice. What appears to be a fine-looking mosaic from the outside is essentially a city riddled with primeval uneasiness between species, uneasiness which is about to boil over in vicious ways.

At first, the city looks very much like a real life human metropolis. However, a closer look will reveal the different sections of the metropolis are also different ecosystems (twelve different biome districts to be exact). For instance, you have the snowy and icy Tundratown where polar bears reside, and the rain forest district where automobiles, trains, and other artificial city elements exist along with the trees and vines. It is such a creative concept that I can only wish the film had shown us more of the ecosystems of the other cities. (Then again, in case Zootopia 2 gets done, maybe I’ll have that chance.)

Judy Hopps is an idealistic bunny who dreams of getting into law enforcement someday. The only hitch: No bunny has ever made it to the force. The plot begins way back in time, and quickly takes the storyline up in the vanguard the moment Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) reaches Zootopia with her dream job. She has to resolve a case which unravels into a bigger game at play even as the movie progresses. The convolutions entailed and the mind-boggling disclosures at the bottom of it all are exhilarating to experience. Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman) makes the story smugger appending a bit of classy humour to the tale. Fun doesn’t stop at any point. Characters of Wilde and Hopps have been given so much thought! They score high points in anthropomorphology through their expressions that will definitely give you the chills. They’re simply that perfect!

All of the film’s main characters have been fleshed out and well developed all through, and so is the voice acting. There’re some great virtual performances here, and besides, there is something special about the actor’s voice that gave genuine emotion and believable human traits to the characters throughout. Because the manner the animals act in daily life, are just as us humans do. Eventually, it makes the characters appear much more realistic in their actions. The message of the film is more human hitting to our current society, the world in which we live.

In the end, I can say that Zootopia is one of Disney’s best films. It is definitely better than Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and most recently, Big Hero 6. It isn’t only a relentlessly amusing adventure, but is layered deep from a realistic and emotional standpoint. It treats the characters like humans, and offers them human qualities. That is, the audience are able to connect with the deep themes and well-developed characters of the film. On the outside, Zootopia is a fun, hilarious, touching and at times intense voyage But on the inside, it is so much deeper and darker, yet in a way that kids will not completely pick up. They are just there to watch a fun movie, and it certainly is a very fun movie. But it is also deep, emotional, and a mature film that teens and adults will be able to pick up on easily and appreciate it from that point of view. It is well written and directed, and will have you tearing up at a couple of moments. For flaws, it is really hard to find any.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

Superman has become a feared figure among the public despite his past popularity. This was mainly caused by an attack made by General Zod in Metropolis in which Superman was involved. The public fears his power and see him as a threat to humanity due to the chaos brought up in the world by the above mentioned attack. There are people who still support Superman but the number of individuals opposing him seems to be outnumbering them. Batman also sees him as a threat and thinks that he has to be eliminated from the face of the Earth for humanity’s sake.

Superman on the other hand also gets to know about Batman’s hidden activities and thinks he isn’t a favorable character to have in the city. Working at the Daily Planet as a journalist, Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent publishes articles against Batman in order to promote bad publicity against him, a move with little impact in the current society.

Batman has a vision of the future in which he gets to see how he and a group of rebels join forces to fight Batman. This is when a time traveler steps in and warns Batman about the need of contacting the “others” without disclosing to whom he is referring. He also reveals the importance that louise lane plays on the future of the city – again without disclosing any details whatsoever.

Superman and Batman aren’t the only characters in the film. There is a complex set of characters and activities involved in the movie that make it less straight-forward than it initially appears to be. Lex Luthor is also a character that plays its classical role of being Batman’s ultra-enemy – although in this case it is obviously overshadowed by Batman’s participation. Louis Lane as customary is Superman’s girlfriend with which Superman moved and now lives with in Metropolis.

Notable characters includes Diana Prince, an antique dealer which is a meta-human, namely the Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor has an increased interest in researching and developing meta-humans for dark purposes. It is afterwards that Superman v Batman as well as humanity get to know that the real enemy in the city is not a super-hero, rather a third apocalyptic-like character that appears later on. The world itself will have to decide the type of hero it needs and it won’t take too long to figure that out after a succession of events take place in Metropolis involving Lex Luthor and his Machiavellian mind.

Deadpool (2016) Movie Review ?>

Deadpool (2016) Movie Review

Ryan Reynolds finally gets a role in this adaptation of Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza’s Marvel creation. This movie is basically about a man who doesn’t care about the rules at all though will provide you with a lot of comical breaks that are actual to some point well. He gets to be joined by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand and Colossus, who is played by Stefan Kapicic. These two are in the X-Men, and they intervene to stop Deadpool from wreaking havoc on a highway that Deadpool wanted to capture the main villain in the film, Ajax that is played by Ed Skrein. This is also the part where we get to learn of Deadpool’s history and what he was like before he turned to Deadpool. This plot is not bad, and the fact that they stuck somehow to the comic books is what makes the film even better.

Although the movie doesn’t struggle at all to pick up, it does offer some moments of boredom particularly when he is being turned into a mutant. This scene will not go well with many as it is exceptionally long and utterly unnecessary. There are also scenes where he gets to talk about other films within the movie, and this won’t as well go down well with many as well. He goes too far with this and at some point, one feels like it’s a “Scary Movie” version of the X-Men franchise. The storyline does make up for this failed attempts at humor, and you can’t help but fall in love with Reynolds at the end. The war scene at the end which was a bit shallow in performance is made up for the humor that Reynolds brings.

It is not a bad movie overall, and if you want an R-Rated movie with lots of jokes in it, then this is the movie for you. If you are a comic book fan, then this movie might not go well with you, and you might find yourself in a position where you might even walk out before it ends. The director, Tim Miller did a good job, but the fact that he just experimented with a lot of stuff that didn’t pay off well is why this is not a great superhero, action-packed movie. It deserves a 7 out of 10 which is mostly due to the humor and the action sequences.

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10 Cloverfield lane (2016) Movie Review

10 Cloverfield Lane would be described as a spin-off rather than a sequel to the 2008 movie, “Cloverfield”. It is a good movie with quality and outstanding performances from Mary Elizabeth Winsted and John Goodman. The kind of performances that these two put up all across the film makes up for almost everything that it lacks and in the end what you are left with is an intense as well as tight thriller that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Although it might strike some as less visually engaging that hey would have hoped, the production as well as directing and the acting portrayed makes up for all of that. For 100 minutes, you should be prepared to be guessing and left in suspense and at the end of the film; you are going to be left with a lot to debate with regards to its ending.

There are a lot of themes in the movie that could have been explored but were just left out, and this will leave a few curious heads not impressed at all. Telling the story of a woman who decides the countryside is best suited for her and on the way has an accident only to wake up in a room and she is chained to a wall is the kind of story that the audience will love every minute that this movie is playing. She then later meets the supposed captor of hers who claims to be more of her savior than a captor. There was an extinction level event as scientists would refer to it and the captor/savior (John Goodman) had built a bunker for such a day. He manages to grab Michelle (Mary Elizabeth) just in time before the sky explodes and now he claims that there is something happening outside, and it is the end of the world. Whatever it is that’s going on, however, they don’t know and cant get out till the air is supposedly breathable, and that might take a while.

This movie is not bad and would get an 8 out of a possible 10. This is because the director was on point, and the lead characters too stole the show, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you went back to see this movie twice because of these two. So, if you love a good story that is full of truly incredible moments that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, this is the film.