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The view from Sanford Robinson’s mind is always engaging.  As a producer and editor, he brings his experience and creativity to projects worldwide. When behind the scenes, Sanford has the innate ability to put the viewer in his shoes allowing them to become part of the experience. 


From the covering of projects overseas, from Greece to Africa to shoot the day-to-day experiences of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Summer Olympics, and many more sports and entertainment events, his work reflects a fascinating and in-depth perspective.


Sanford has been in front line TV production since 1993. Through his reputation for a creative product and a collaborative TV work style, he has developed a regular client list that includes major networks, entertainment groups, and numerous companies both nationally and internationally. From 1993-1997 Sanford worked for the local ABC affiliate KMBC in Kansas City, MO later moving from Kansas City to Nashville, TN to work with the local NBC affiliate WSMV. 


With a courageous passion Sanford set out on his own and started his own business “Warrior Productions”, affording him the opportunity of become an Emmy Award winner, allowing him to work on numerous projects for:  ABC, NBC, ESPN, CBS, FOX, Motor Trend TV, and numerous entertainment events with people such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Matthew McConahay, Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters.



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